About Us

NavFlight, Inc. offers Aircraft Management and International Ferry Services specializing in Mooney Aircraft, but has experience with many types.

We are based at AWO (Arlington Municipal Airport) outside Seattle, WA and focus on clients in the US and Canada, but offer services worldwide.

NavFlight, Inc. founder Andrew Stagg is an FAA Commercial Pilot with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings and has over 1200 hours of experience flying and ferrying aircraft all over the US and Canada. Andrew has owned a 1970 Mooney M-20G since 2010 and flown it many times from coast to coast.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help with your aircraft management or ferrying needs!

NavFlight founder Andrew Stagg inspects a PA28-140 before a ferry flight.
NavFlight founder Andrew Stagg before a ferry flight from Atlanta to Houston in a PA28-140.